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Welcome to Al Hujjat Academy

Al-Hujjat Academy aims to provide its students with religious and general education, bearing in mind their physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs.

Al-Hujjat Academy was founded over nine years ago with the aim of addressing the pressing religious educational needs of the Shia community of Bolton. Since our inception, we have gone from teaching just a few children to having around 80 students registered with us. We live in a diverse and ever changing world where the image and teachings of Islam have been distorted. As a result of this, we aim to teach our students according to the real spirit of Islam which revolves around tolerance, mutual respect and love. We believe that the Holy Prophet of Islam (SAWW) and the pure Ahlulbayt (AS) are exemplar role models in all aspects of life.

The functioning of our school is heavily dependent on the hard work of our volunteers, some of whom pledge time to us despite having very busy lifestyles. As a volunteer you share and identify with our aims and will help us in achieving them. As a teacher you have the noble, yet difficult task of moulding the attitudes, morals and personalities of young boys and girls. We look forward to working with you and may Allah grant us success in this life and the next and help us enjoin what is right and forbid what is evil.

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