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Ayaam e Fatimiya SA

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

As part of the Fatimiyya season, the children at AHA Bolton performed a majlis to honour the sacrifice of the Lady of Light, Fatima az-Zahra (SA).

As the daughter of the Holy Prophet (S) and Sayyida-tu-nisa-ul-A’lameen (Leader of all the women of the world for all times) she is an exemplar for all of humanity, men and women alike. Her many facets gleam and shine as she is subjected to trial upon trial and we are witness to her wisdom, knowledge, patience, compassion and generosity. She reveals herself as the true inheritor of the countless attributes of her father, a fact attested to by those witnessing her actions. Her relation to the very notion of prophethood is evidenced by the following saying of the Holy Prophet (S):

“Fatima is part of me. Whoever upsets her upsets me, and whoever harms her harms me.”

We commemorate the sacrifices she made in the face of injustices by the rulers of her time and her steadfastness in the face of adversity serves as an example to us, especially in this time of global turmoil and uncertainty.

The majlis, which took place on 27th January, 2020, was solely done by the children at the madressa. They recited qasidas extolling her merits and eulogies recounting the many injustices against her. Older and more senior children also recited speeches in her honour.

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